Master of Arts in Nursing Courses

This course provides an overview of the theoretical foundations of nursing. It will enable the student to embrace the nursing profession in a philosophical perspective. Frameworks for the evaluation and critique of theoretical approaches will be presented. This course also deals with the study of concepts, theories and principles of nursing with emphasis on philosophical, conceptual, theory construction and formulation and concept formalization in nursing applied to nursing practice, nursing education and nursing research.

As an Introductory course to the Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN 600)

This course provide graduate students, nursing educators and practitioners, a comprehensive and in-depth discussion on the many facets of maternal and child nursing, while it promotes a sensitive, holistic outlook on nursing practice. It focuses on the care of the family from the pregnancy period, through pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartal period. This course follows the child in the family through adolescence. It also includes an analysis of theories, concepts, principles, processes and philosophies of maternal and child health as family centered, community centered, research oriented and multidisciplinary discipline. Personal, cultural and religious attitudes and beliefs which influence the meaning of illness and its impact on the child-bearing family are also integrated in this course.

This course focuses on holistic psychiatric care integrating evidence based biological and psychotherapeutic interventions across the life span that emphasizes the importance of mental health care that encompasses the needs of clients, families, communities and societies. It is also expected to strengthen Christian faith and promote knowledge acquisition that answers global needs.

This course provides a multidisciplinary background in the science of healthcare quality management. Students will learn to develop and plan for the execution of quality improvement plans and will use a quality indicator assessment program. These will be used as the framework to develop a paper that identifies quality indicators, their measurements, and nursing interventions to improve the quality measurement. Value-based purchasing will be defined and interventions to assure quality and cost containment will be discussed.