Master in Business Administration Courses

This is a course that aims to enable a student, through a “process,” to “act, “think,”” and “take the role” of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or a member of the “Top Management Team” of a firm.  Thus, eventually, this “process” will enable a student to possess that much needed “CEO Perspective, “tools, and “stock knowledge” that would give him/her the ability to chart the course of a firm on the most “efficient,” or at the very least, the most effective way, given today’s “hyper competitive” business environment.  Accordingly, students shall pass through a “process” that involves, but may not be limited to, the following: The Case Method; Lectures; Exploratory and/or Applied Research on Assigned topics; Presentation of Selected Papers; and Actual Company Exposures (If possible).

Incidentally, this course has to assume that a particular student who enrolls in this program is already exposed and equipped with the basic management exposure and “tools” (i.e. Basic Accounting, Financial, Personnel, and Marketing Management Exposure, and Organizational Diagnostic Skills).  These “tools” are needed to analyze complex business problems.  These tools are also very critical when formulating “basic strategic decisions” that would eventually lead to “doable” and “workable” operating policies and courses of actions, given –what the management “Gurus” call as—the “The Givens”—of the firm’s external and internal environment.


This course is designed to enhance students’ keener understanding and adequate knowledge in marketing management theories and practices with the end view of providing them with a new venue to demonstrate their skills and competent knowledge in the analysis of marketing opportunities, development marketing strategies and marketing programs through cases and in the preparation of the marketing plan of selected company or business organization in a specific business or industry.